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01. Log your workouts

We have an incredible collection of exercises. From strength and cardiovascular exercises to stretching, TRX, crossfit and group lessons.

You also have video tutorials, recommendations, contraindications and muscular information for each exercise.

02. Analyze your progress

Analyze how each muscle works, how your body size evolves and how many calories you burn. Check whether cardiovascular and strength work alike, or consult detailed indicators for each exercise.

You have to see it with your own eyes!

03. Have fun!

SocialGym is designed to have fun: Unlock achievements by getting certain goals and increase your level of experience as you perform exercises.

Also, you can compare your stats with your friends, checkout ranking tables and participate in collective challenges.

04. Where and when you want!

You can use SocialGym from any web browser or apps for smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android systems.

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